Monday, May 30, 2016

Asher Hill Barn Sale... Teasers and Textures

I kinda left you all cliff hanging last time. I showed you what Brownie got, but I didn't show you what I got at the Lucketts Spring Market last weekend. Well here it is:

From left to right and then clockwise: Jenny Lind pattern tea cup and saucer, a German scrub brush for plant pots (or dishes) and some matte finish Tough Coat sealer from Miss Mustard Seed, three old skeleton keys, and under everything is the vintage copy of Alice in Wonderland I scored for my sister's office make over.

Have I told you guys that I am redesigning my sister's house right now? Well I am and it is my favorite project ever! But that is several other posts from now. So you all are just gonna have to wait.Today we are still talking bout barn sales.

The Asher Hill Farm Barn Sale, to be exact. 

This coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
June 3-4-5th
at Asher Hill Farm
4580 Sudley Road, Gainesville VA 20155

I spent all week last week over there painting and sanding and hauling and looking and prepping stuff. You guys wanna see what a barn sale looks like the week before the show? Nothing is styled yet, so I thought I'd just give you guys some "textures"

Jeff, Margaret's master wood worker of a husband has been busy building cool stuff for you guys. Here are some dinner bells he made out of acetylene tanks and some really beautiful wood.

And here is a reproduction wooden milk bottle holder he made. I think there are going to be two or three for sale in the show. They are so crazy solid. You could bathe your dog in them...well maybe not, but they are built to take a beating. And I think they have another layer or two of color coming.

See the copper table top next to it? Here 's a better pic:

There are several patinas to choose from. These are all going on top of various bases, mostly metal, like antique iron sewing machine tables. Super cool stuff. And any anything Jeff builds will last for generations. The man is a perfectionist and a true craftsman.

This is another sample of his work. Not the carving, but the rehab. He pieced together this huge antique mirror (It is seriously huge, probably 3 ft x 5 ft) and reinforced it to last another 100 years. 

I gave it back it's gilding. It took a while. Like 4-5 hours. Wanna see?

I am in love with how this turned out. If you want to know how I did it, you're gonna have to come to the show and ask me.

Speaking of the show, here's the details again: 

So I told you I've been doing some painting. 
Here's a few teaser pics of some things I've been working on:

That's all I have pics of right now. If you're lucky, I'll have time to shoot a few more beauty shots of me and Margaret's stuff and post them before the show. if not, you'll just have to come see how they turned out in person. 

But let's go back to the textures. I love how they turned out!

Sigh. So much good stuff. This is just a fraction of it. 

And it's not just love from me and Margaret. 
There are a bunch more awesome vendors coming. 
Here are the links to their pretty photos:


So come and check us out this weekend! 
We will be there rain or shine, so think sunny thoughts, kay?

The First Annual Asher Hill Farm Barn Sale

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
June 3-4-5th

at Asher Hill Farm
4580 Sudley Road, Gainesville VA 20155

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Lucketts 2016...In the rain, almost.

So I have been kinda busy lately. In-laws visiting, oldest child's first prom, a color run, and getting ready for a barn sale. Yup. I'm in another one. But at least I'm not in charge of this one. I am just helping here and there. But it's gonna be a great show. You all should come. 

Do you guys remember Margaret of Asher Hill Farm? I wrote a whole post about the goodies in her barn attic. Check it out here. Well she's hosting her own show. It will be right here, in this photo.

Well, maybe not IN the photo, but right here, down this dirt road, there will be all kinds of tents and vendors and vintage goodness. You really should come. Here's the info: 

Now because I get very focused when I am in barn sale mode, and because I have been massively over programmed lately, I decided it would be in my best interest to go to Luckett's Spring Market in the pouring rain with some of my favorite Gal Pals. 

Lucketts never disappoints.

We left at 7:30 am in the pouring rain. The market opened at a surprisingly early 8 am. I was shocked when we still were directed to park in the field closest to the market. It was kinda thrilling. We got out, walked to the gate and noticed the rain had slowed to a mere sprinkle. We must have been doing something good this week, because the forecast said heavy rain all day long. We were prepared for deep sea exploration with coats and rain boots and umbrellas and flippers. Well maybe not flippers, but you get the idea.

We didn't have to wait in line. An absolute first for me. I even had to wait in line once as a vendor. So we walk in, and were greeted with this.....SPACE!

Apparently the whole world came yesterday. Which makes sense when you were here for that gorgeous, sunny day. My whole budget for the show was $40, so no early entrance day for me. 

Anyway, let me show you around a bit:

Here's Stylish Patina's swanky living room set up.

Next we move on to Shawna Jeannine Painted Furniture and Accessories

One of those gorgeous Jenny Lind tea cups and saucers jumped right into my bag and came home with me. I had to look Jenny Lind up as soon as I got home. Shawna is one of the vendors coming to the Asher Hill Barn sale. She has good stuff. There are a few things I have my eye on if they make it through Lucketts. 

I do love me some good corbels. Someday, I'll either hit the architectural salvage jackpot and find them for a song, or I'll just pony up and buy some I really love. Like this one with the vine. 

Or the big one, there in the back. Ooo... I like them so much, it makes my teeth hurt!

This awesome ram's head and vintage coral display was from East Coast Salvage. Man, that was a cool booth. Just a hair out of my very limited $40 budget. You guys thought I was kidding about that, but no. $40 in my pocket. That's it.

Sorry about the pics. I was using an old iPhone and it doesn't do as well as I like in lower light. But it fit in my pocket, and when your hands are full of Luckett's goodness, you gotta do what you do.

This was the booth that replaced mine. Much swankier than I could have ever hoped to be. But also a whole different price point. It would have been good of me to remember their name, but sadly, I was too overcome with the wonder and beauty of it all. It will have to remain a mystery. 

And see the light fixture in the back on the left? I totally need that in my studio. Don't you all think I need that in my studio? I knew you'd agree.

We did stop by Miss Mustard Seed's stall. It was mostly naked. There was a huge space in the middle of the giant tent. Everything had sold except what you see, a bunch of milk paint and supplies, some t-shirts, and I think one more piece of furniture. That girl really can move some merchandise. See what she started with here and here.

But Marian was there and Kristie and Marian's mom. Kristie and I talked about the difference between beeswax and regular paste wax. Apparently beeswax is the magic key to getting milk paint to chip. And it was fun to hear people talking to MMS, who had come from all over, like Florida to see her.

I bought a pot scrubbing brush and a quart of the new matte touch coat top coat. Not that sexy, but I freaking love that stuff.

I brought two Lucketts newbies with me on this adventure. Would you like to meet them?

This is Brownie. Obviously not her real name, but the woman is as sweet as her nick name and one of my New Favorite People. She was along for the ride, because she never met a barn sale, thrift shop, or garage sale she didn't like. Man, we went garage sale-ing a couple of weeks ago, and she scored some killer deals! The girl's got mad skillz, I tell you. Like Napoleon Dynamite.

And this is the major player, Eloise. She is redecorating her house and has an actual budget. A bit larger than my $40. Here she is with her beloved, a red metal giant compass rose. And yes, she does have somewhere to hang something that big.

Here's a few more pics for you guys:

I don't really know what the thing with the chickens was about, but I thought it was funny.

I can not tell you how happy it makes me that this exists. I don't really want to own it. But I so love that someone made a cow shaped pitcher that pours the milk out the cow's mouth. Fantastic!

We also went to the Lucketts Design House, which was super cool. But I think that needs to be a different post as I have to go make copies of the program for church tomorrow. So hopefully I can get to that tomorrow. The post, not the copies. those need to be done tonight. 

So here's a few more pics for the road... and if you're still here at the end, I'll show you what Brownie was yearning for...Her Precious.

Alright. You still here? Well I promised. Here is Brownie's Beloved Thing:

See the blue and white compote on the right? It really is a Beautiful Thing. She found it, walked away from it "just to be sure", obsessed about it the rest of the time, and then caved, offered $5 less than the asking price, and bought it! Yay Luckett's success. 

So what do we learn from all this? 

Yay, Lucketts Spring Market! 
Yay, Barn Sales!
Yay, come and find your Beloved at the Asher Hill Barn Sale, June 3, 4, 5. 

You gotta love shameless self promotion. 

Talk to you soon,

CM Shaw