Friday, March 4, 2016

A Bunch of Stuff You Don't Know About Me

I was talking to my friend Dana on the phone the other day, (my darling friend who has abandoned me moved since starring in this post and this post and co-starring in this post) about what to do in this blog. She starts laughing and wisely asks, 

"Do you even have an About Me page?" 


"Have you ever written a post telling people what you are like or where you come from 
or what style you like or why you have a cow skull above your mantle or anything like that?"


"Well maybe these people would be delighted to hear a little bit more about you."

Well I have no idea what you "people would be delighted to hear" about me, so you'll have to tell me after reading this post, whether you now want to be my best friend, were moderately entertained, or desperately wish you could get those minutes of your life back. Just in case it's the latter, Sorry kids. No time refunds.

So I took my dear friend's advice and thought up a bunch of things I have never told you guys. And never one to be accused of being brief, there are 30 of them. I just couldn't decide which ones to cut. And I haven't been able to get a hold of Dana to help me edit the the list, so you just get all of it. 

30 Things You Don't Know About Me

1. I am the oldest of 5 children. Two brothers and two sisters. 

2. I can dance for hours, especially if the music's good. I can still dance for quite a while if there's no music, but I do better if there's a snappy song stuck in my head.

3. I grew up in Oregon and Arizona, but currently live in the Washington DC area. I have been here for almost 20 years and I still feel like an ex-pat from the West.

No retouching here. This is what it actually looks like at sunset in Arizona in December.

4. I am an artist. Well, you probably knew that one. But I bet you didn't know that I taught high school Japanese for 4 years after graduating from college with a degree in Secondary Education.

5. I am married to DK, (or Dark Knight, it's a long story I tell you in this post) who works in the US Senate doing Important Things and who happens to think I am fabulous, but also completely crazy.

6. I recently got into archery, something I liked as a child. I am not good at all, but that can always change with some better weather to practice in. I am cautiously optimistic, about the weather, silly.

7. I LOVE to talk. I learn by talking. I figure stuff out by talking. I release tons of energy and anxiety by talking.

8. This, #7, drives people crazy. (You should deeply pity my college roommates. Especially those poor souls who had the bad luck to share my room) So I started writing 3 journal pages every morning. It helps immensely.

9. I am ridiculously in love with my dog. It's revolting, actually.

10. I went to Japan on a Mormon mission for 18 mos when I was 21.

11. That's where I met DK. We didn't get along well back then. (Also a long story.)

12. I am happiest when exploring a new city.

13. Mexico is my favorite place. At least it's the place I dream about the most, except for Thailand. I must ride elephants in Thailand before I die.

14. I really like Southern Utah a lot as well. DK once told me while we were in Southern Utah, "If we sit here long enough, we might see aliens." Boom! Added to list of Epic Places.

15. I have learned that whimsy and comfort are more important to me in my home design than showing good taste. This may not shock some of you, who have been wondering what was wrong with me for a while now.

16. I have three daughters. They are all better looking than I ever could have been which I consider to be a genetic triumph.

Taylor Nation, Baby!

17. I love getting lost digging through my stuff. I attach memories to things and it's like reliving my life.

18. I am worried that I am selfish. But I'm not. I spend most of my time serving others and the rest trying to renew so I can serve some more.

19. I am ashamed that my current favorite song is by Justin Bieber. But I just can't listen to "What Do You Mean" enough times. I usually like obscure, Indie Rock or jazz. Go figure.

20. I am in a fashion slump right now, brought on by years of not having the $ to color my hair, spending most days DIY-ing or building or gardening, and by my gradual stress based weight gain. My favorite shoes are my rubber gardening clogs. I think it might be time for an intervention.

21. I am truly not capable of following a daily or weekly routine. It's been true my whole life, but it still annoys me.

22. I think just about everything is funny. I can almost, almost laugh about the time my kid's violin teacher says, "What's this?" and pulls a large, adult louse off my forehead. Almost.

23. It is not hard for me to be honest. I have always been a horrible liar. I eventually quit trying to get away with most things when I was in high school because I always got caught.

24. I think about deep stuff all the time. Then funny stuff. Then  more deep stuff. Then more funny stuff. Then I call my sister and talk about all of it while she's trying to work. I have no idea why. Maybe it gives me balance.

25. I have 2 known super powers. First, I can talk indefinitely. This has been tested up to 3 days. Second, Whoever goes shopping with me can find what they want, for what they want to pay for it. This made me a very popular companion for prom dress shopping.

26. It is really hard for me to be obedient. I despise being told what to do. Rules make me feel constrained.

27. I am deeply spiritual.  I am also a passionate follower of the Latter-day Saint faith (the Mormons). But I think I make a lot of them nervous. 

28. I truly believe everything can have a positive outcome, eventually. 

29. I have a Diet Coke problem.

30. I find people inherently interesting. I always want to hear other people's stories, if I can remember to shut up and stop telling mine. 

So that's me. The long version. I'll have to think about a short version. It might take me a while. So while I'm thinking, tell me about you.

Talk to you soon,

CM Shaw