Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Asher Hill Farms Barn Sale, Day 1

Welcome to today's tour of relentless self promotion I mean the Asher Hill Farm Bran Sale! It was such a good day. It didn't rain until the very end (so thank you to those of you sending sunny vibes for us out into the Universe) and so many of you showed up. Thanks for making the drive out to our show!!! You guys are my favorite people today.

I know you all are sitting there going, "Marian, please quit talking and show us all the pretty things." OK folks, prepare yourself for pretty things:

There. See how much I like you? So. Many. Pretty. Things. And that's just Margaret's booth. 

The two armoires are huge! And lick-ably gorgeous. The brown one is a piece right out of Victoria Elizabeth Barnes' book. (In fact I may send her that pic. Pilly isn't that far from here. It would be awesome in her kitchen.) It definitely qualifies as a Giant fancy Thing. And the white/cream one is so beautifully done. You just run your hands over it and wish your house was built in this decade, so you'd have tall enough ceilings to accommodate it. So if you're in a newish house and need a gorgeous armoire to hide all your debris, then come get it! It's calling to you. Can't you hear it.....?

But I digress. Where were we? Oh yes, pretty things....

As you can see, all our vendors have tons of great stuff for you to choose from. And I just checked. It's not supposed to rain until later this afternoon. So sneak on out here this morning and take some of these goodies home. Or take a lot of them home. Yeah. do that.

Oh! I almost forgot! Margaret wanted me to tell you two things. The first is that we have decided to cancel the Sunday portion of the show due to the weather forecast. It is supposed to rain and blow and hail and do all manor of things that destroy tents and pretty things. So we decided to listen to the weatherman. 
Note #1

Sorry about the yelling, I just wanted to make sure that those just 
skimming for the pics would get the message.

BTW, there are some really gorgeous quilts here. I was admiring them yesterday. 
Some are new, some are old, most are hand quilted. Just say'n.

Oh...There was something else Margaret wanted you guys to know. Sorry, I was distracted by those crazy yummy quilts. Mmmm. So many stitches... What were we talking about? 

Oh yes, Margaret wanted to make it clear that in her booth, and possibly many booths, she would rather cut you a deal, than pack this stuff up and store it till her next show. So if you want to come and make her an offer...she might even take a crazy one. (Margaret can be a crazy lady at times.) You might as well try it. And if you were here yesterday, and saw something you loved, you might come back and ask the vendor if they can make it fit in your pocketbook. They might just say yes. You never know. All I know is that Margaret would be happy to have you take her stuff home. And wouldn't you be happy with a few new pretty things? 

Note #2 
Make us an offer. Margaret will likely say "Yes".

Here are a few more pretty things to whet your appetite: 

So are you coming? You should totally come. Margaret even has llamas. And sheep. And Raised gardens. And Jeff was giving away free produce yesterday. So come get some pretty things...and some home grown radishes. That's just how we roll out here at Asher Hill Farm.

Today Only!
Asher Hill Farm First Annual Barn Sale
4580 Sudley Road, Gainesville VA 20155

See you there!

CM Shaw