Tuesday, July 10, 2012

No Pinterest Challenge for me

Ok, this post has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that I love reading www.younghouselove.com on a daily basis. They are currently hosting a Pinterest Challenge. I am abstaining this time on the grounds that I am still technically "fired" by my business partner from doing anything I could even consider selling (due to massive burn out after the spring show) until August. But I have been stalking the other people who have been doing it.

I have found some lovely ideas. I am pretty sure my 12 year old and I will be melting crayons on a canvas with a blow dryer this summer due to this entry. Here's another (I think I have pinned about 6 now) tutorial about using a photo printed on an ink jet as a transfer - I am dying to try this. I just keep forgetting. And I subscribed to a new blog after reading this post about how blogging is making this woman crazy.

But I have to say, the winner of the "Attract Marian's Gaze Instantly" award goes to www.sotaissexy.com with their outstanding entry of "When Pinterest gets Creepy". Belly laugh funny. You need to read it. All of it. Right now. Here.

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