Monday, August 6, 2012

French Twist

This week is a crazy week. My family is literally here, there, and everywhere depending on which day you are talking about. So I think rather than doing one big post, I will break it down into a few smaller posts and continue the "Before" and "After" series. So today's gem is the Solange lamp.
When I found this lamp in a thrift shop, it was dripping with "sweet":

 Here's a close up for you. Don't you love the tiny hand painted roses and yellowed silk shade with gold plastic cording?

Neither did I. But I did love the metal base and the frosted glass body. But how to get those flowers off without scratching the glass?

The shock here was that Mr. Clean Eraser will take off paint without scratching glass. I swear that stuff is magic. I actually gave a box to a friend for Christmas one year because it works so well.

So the pretty frosted pink glass stayed. The roses and outdated shade did not. Add in a fab-U-lous grey barrel shade, some grey chalk paint, silver acrylic and silver pigmented wax, all new guts, and...

Voila! Meet Solange:

Tres chic, non?

She will be in the fall Barn Sale, if you want to see her close up. Right now she's in my basement, if you want to see her wrapped in newspaper.


  1. How did I not see this when I was there! It is gorgeous!