Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wanna See What you Missed?

What a party! Whew. I am all worn out. But what a good time that was. Thanks so much for coming! It was so fun to see you all. We had so many people come. It was really exciting.


And really cool things happened. It was uncanny how many times a customer would be raving about how much they loved the work of a particular artist and that artist just happened to be there! What are the odds of that? So cool that both the artists and the customers experiences to go from good to amazing. I love facilitating amazing experiences for people.


People kept bumping into old friends and neighbors they hadn't seen for a while. There were people hanging around talking all over the place. It was such a happy, relaxed vibe.

Sorry about my pics. My regular camera was dead, again. So I hurriedly took these with my iPad. Did you know I had an iPad? It is way cooler than me and a result of my mother investing in my company. Thanks Mom! (She also happens to be cooler than me.)

Here's a few more pics, just to give you a feel for the show:

I have to go get kids ready for school, so that will have to do for now. If I can talk the cake lady out of her "way better than my mine" pictures, I will post some more for you guys next week.

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