Thursday, January 3, 2013

No Resolutions

  So it's a new year. 

 And all the bloggers I am reading at the moment have all these excellent insights for where they are going in the next 12 months or where they've been the previous 12. That is all actually really cool to read. It makes for a thought provoking post and excellent food for thought. And I thought I would be doing the same thing this week.
But I'm not.

I'm purposely NOT making any blogging resolutions or barn sale resolutions. Because there is only one thing in my head right now, and that's ART. You know. The real kind, where you look at it and try to figure out what the heck the artist was thinking, what kind of a statement this is. Visual philosophy and all. It has been almost a year since I created that kind of art. 

You can read about this piece here
This decision coincides nicely with my husband being out of town. He doesn't like it when I camp in my studio 24/7, so this is a particularly timely absence. He's at the South Pole, making sure your tax dollars are being used responsibly. I am totally not kidding about that.

So I just get to bust out my exacto knife and start cutting up 
mat board and gluing it to stuff. 

All day long.

Well, that last bit might be a bit of wishful thinking. I AM a single parent at the moment. I am sure I'll stop long enough to shove a freezer pizza in the oven. But I do plan on giving myself plenty of space to make the art that has been swirling in my head, talking to me for months. I have one piece started, one piece almost finished, and one piece not started but completely fleshed out in my mind. I even know how I'm going to frame it. 

It involves wing nuts 

 and the Taj Mahal. 

Seriously. In the same piece. 
Now don't you want me to stop typing and go back to my studio 
so you can see it? 
Me too.

I promise I'll show you as soon as there's something to see.

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