Thursday, March 7, 2013

3 Weeks Later

It's been three weeks to the day since I posted. I promise it wasn't that I didn't have a good idea. I actually have a great idea that I have been wanting to do since Christmas. But things happened. Things like Karianne of Thistlewood Farms posting her cute office here and getting me all excited about chevron rugs and Linda from It All Started With Paint taking about her living room redo here and giving me the 411 on . I found the perfect chevron rug. Orange. Not too trendy. 
Check it out. It's perfect, right?


There were two problems here. 
The first was the rug was totally out of stock. 
The second was I have no money, so it's a good thing the rug was out of stock.

I promise this all really does have to do with not posting for three weeks. 

Since I wanted a rug, but didn't have any money, I did what any artistically inclined woman would do, and started painting something completely irrelevant. This lead to the purchase of a quart of flat orange paint and a satin sample of the same orange color. As I realized that there was going to be tons of orange paint let over, I had a little conversation with myself. 

I said, "Self, it was really stupid to spend $12 on a quart of paint when you already had the sample for free and that was all you needed." 

And myself replied, "No it wasn't. The flat paint looks way better than the satin did."

I had to agree. The flat paint really does look way better than the satin did.

Myself, now all flush with pride said, "Think of something else to do with the paint and use it up."

"Hmm..." I thought, "Dana was talking about how people have been making chevron rugs..."

And there you have it. I made a floor cloth with a bunch of that orange paint, a drop cloth (also inspired by the creations of Linda at It All Started With Paint) and a bunch of other paint I already had. 

Wanna see it?

There you go. Just a peek. 

It took way longer than I thought it would, but I am thrilled with the result. I promise to post about it soon, with better pics.

And notice the frame on the chalk board? I made that out of crown molding I had lying around.

And I have been spending the better part of this week with these lovelies.

Let's just say DK gave me the go ahead when I wasn't expecting it. So I tackled a much larger project than I originally had planned. It amazing what kid of trouble you can get into when you are trapped at home on a Friday without a car and you discover a virtually untouched quart of the paint in the exact color you have been looking for for the last two years. 

So there you have it. I blame the chevron carpet trend currently sweeping the nation. Hopefully next week, you'll get the joy of reading that outstanding post I've been meaning to write. 

But you never know. My family room has been telling me it needs crown molding and a new coat of creamy white paint...


  1. Marian,

    It turned out so cute! I love the color! I'm painting a floor cloth right now, too....but on the back of a piece of linoleum!

    Have a great day rock star!

  2. Phew. I'm glad you blamed the Chevron trend and not me! LOL! Love how it turned out -- and you know how I adore orange!

    :) Linda