Friday, April 26, 2013

Getting Ready for Lucketts

It is a flurry of activity here in the studio. I am not quite ready for beauty pics yet, but I thought I'd give you a little taste of what I've been working on for Lucketts. (Here are pics from when I went last year as a shopper.)

As usual right before a show, there is stuff E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E.

Here's a closer look. Book Lamps in process.

These two have a similar feel, but aren't twins. They are both made of vintage technical manuals. One has casters that go through the base book. The other has casters that screw into the base book. I haven't decided if the shades will match or not yet. They will, however, be the same size and shape. I  need to recover one or both of them,so I'll keep you posted. I am totally going with Edison bulbs for both of them. Mostly because I think they are so cool.

Here is a new project I thought up in my efforts to use what I had this spring. These are pillars, platforms and coasters I made using a big branch from my oak tree that I had trimmed a year ago and kept in my shed for just such a crafty purpose. You know you've been the weird, eccentric lady in the neighborhood for too long when your neighbor sees you carrying a large oak branch up the street to your other neighbor's and doesn't even ask you what the branch is for or why you have it with you.

  These darlings are about 1/2 in thick. I thought they'd be perfect to put candlesticks on, just for that extra pop of texture or color. All the wood pieces have sealed paper on one side and sealed natural wood on the other and were grown right here in Virginia.

This is one set of pillars. They range from 2 in to 6-7in tall. I have 4 different sets in 4 different colors and varying heights. These are also two sided with paper on one and wood on the other. Both sides have 3 coast of poly-urethane, so they should hold up to a lot. I though these would be awesome on a woodland style table with candles or even tea lights sitting on them. Or you could use them on a shelf to bring some extra attention to your pretty little things.

This is one of 6 sets of coasters. Each set of 4 is double sided and ready to keep your furniture dry and add that little pop of color to your table tops.

And moving on... Sorry, I got a little carried away there.

I am pretty sure that this vintage 1960's watercolor is going to end up in this chalkboard covered frame. But I have been known to change my mind a time or two. You'll have to come to the show and see.

This is a piece I am struggling to part with. A true antique. A 1888 plate from a McCall's magazine. Que the angels singing. I still can't believe I found it.

 It's so pretty. Wanna see it up close?

I'm thinking pressed between two sheets of glass with a chalk board frame, so it looks like it's floating on the wall. Could be so amazing! Especially against a grey wall.

And who could resist a vintage Uncle Sam stacking doll?

 Love it!

This may not look like much now, but it is giving me goosebumps to think about where it's going. See the paper in the back, that looks like old wall paper? That's gonna be the mat for these vintage stamps. And the back ground will probably be muslin or linen, or something that looks like that.

Here's a closer look at those stamps.


And I was playing with my new Miss Mustard Seed milk paint the other day and ended up with this amazing frame to put with it.

Isn't is so deliciously grotty? All together I think they will absolutely sing.
And just because you all have been so patient (and I happened to have a camera in the studio), here is the finished "Wings And Paisleys". 

I don't love the color contrast here. It's a lot brighter in person. But it gives you a feeling of what the piece looks like. I promise to do a whole post about it after Lucketts. It will not be in the show as I haven't finished redoing the frame that goes with it. And I haven't decided whether it's going to live in my office or not, yet. But if I do decide to sell it, it will be in the November show, all clad in it's sassy vintage chunky gold frame.

Well, that's just a peek at what I have for you guys this show. Be sure to come. It really will be a super fun day. 200 vintage dealers. Just think how much trouble you could get in! If anyone buys a vintage real moose head, let me know and I'll find a prize for you. I have always wanted one, but just don't have the space for it.
Only 3 weeks from tomorrow! 
May 18th-19th, 10am-5pm. 
(I'll be there the 18th)
$7 at the door
42350 Lucketts Rd, 
just north of Leesburg, VA on 15.

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