Monday, May 20, 2013

Lucketts, What an Adventure!

Wow. That was quite the rush, I must say. 

And thank you all for coming! There were thousands of you! Wow. So many people. Nice people. Fun people, with kids and open hearts and kind things to say. I am so grateful to you all. People stared longingly at our original art, and then said things like "If a piece of art makes you cry, you should buy it." And then they took it home. Could you die? It's those comments that make all the work worth it. And that wasn't even about my stuff.

A few minutes later, lady who does paper flower wreaths took the time to come over and tell us how beautifully made ours was.

Lucketts is quite the event to participate with. I highly recommend it if you have a gritty or shabby chic or farmhouse look to your products. Such nice people work the show. It's so well run. Heather and Diana do an amazing job with all the organization details. Everything works like clockwork and they are super responsive to questions. Thanks so much ladies, for all your time and effort. It was an incredible show, in spite of the bit of rain we got here and there.

 Here's a few more pictures of the booth:

And this is my wonderful staff. Thanks to Liisa and Hasni for keeping me sane and focused on the important things. I could not have done it without you ladies!!!!

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