Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Good Day for a Workshop

Remember this post where I was enticing you with pictures of barns and flowers and pallets? Well, we had the class, and.....IT WAS AMAZING!!!! Truly my favorite thing I have done as a professional ever. 

It just flowed. People clicked. There were unintentionally bawdy jokes. There were people who capitalized on these. Pallet wood was sanded, painted and waxed. People built and smiled. Lemonade gradually disappeared. Bent wire magically transformed Terra cotta pots into floral works of art. It was a good day. Thanks so much to all the ladies that braved the Virginia heat and came. The class was sold out and maxed out our planned table space.

Wanna see?

 Everyone was ready to work. 
They got right to business and sanded and painted like mad women.

 Holly was kind enough to be my Instagram model.

 Connie was great with the details. 

 And before you knew it, 

was transformed into 

 I couldn't resist the rabbits.

Mmm...homemade lemonade. And chocolate. You can't have a good class without treats. 
Andrea of Lynn Vale Studios, our host, set out a great spread to help keep the energy up.

  I am in love with the straws.

I made a special trip to Target just to buy them for the class. 
You can't drink lemonade out of Mason jars without cute colored paper straws!

After our snack, everyone headed out to the flower fields. 

 Andrea talked about different types of flowers and foliage and how they can be used to different effects in arrangements.

An acre of zinnias. Could you die?
Next came our chance to play with all this floral bounty. I was particularly excited about this part because I tend to be a bit "florally challenged".  I can grow them, but arranging them, not so much. 

Andrea's confidence in us was very encouraging.

 Chalk paint glazed pots were the beginning.

 Then you add some green stuff and some red stuff....

 And it looks like this!

 A few greens for structure....

 And a little of this....

With a little of that...

 Ooo..floral action photo!

 And soon you wind up with something looking a lot like this.

I was shocked by my own fabulousness. 

Although my mother's bouquet blew mine away. 

Mine was happy. 

Hers was stunning.

 Got to love being out "fabulous"ed by your mother in your own class. Go Mom.

It was such fun. And in such a beautiful place.

Come join us next time! 
The next class is  Nov 30, 2013. 
Stay tuned for details. We have some great ideas up our sleeves.

And Andrea is always doing something at the farm. 
Check out for current events and more details

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  1. This looks like so much fun! You always have something fun going on!!!!! Love all the flowers!

    Happy day to you!