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Chartreuse and Company

I am having a restless fall. I love that the air is cooler and the sun shines everyday, but I just can't relax into it like I normally do this time of year. When I get twitchy like this, I find that often the best remedy is for me to drop everything I'm "supposed" to be doing and go someplace new. 

I haven't had a Field Trip Friday for while, so I gathered up a few friends and headed off into the wild blue yonder. Or rather, off to Maryland. I seem to go to Maryland after having a bad week. (My most wacky example of this is tendency is here, the Great Table Adventure. I still can't believe that all happened.) 

This week's field trip was to a place I love dearly, Buckystown, MD. I have posted about Buckystown before. We come out here every year to pick pumpkins from the field.  (You can read more about pumpkin picking here) It's still just a hair too early for pumpkins, so this week we were headed to my favorite barn sale, Chartreuse and Company.  

 This is what it looks like from Rt. 85

There are 6 buildings open on the property. The first one you come to is Denny's Barn:

Don't I have the most lovely of assistants? Kaisa on the right and Dana (you know her from this post and this post) is on the left. Olivia is a newer addition to our little party.

Denny's barn is my favorite place to buy things at Chartreuse. He sells them mostly in the raw for fantastic prices. Think, good deal on Craigslist. Vintage and Antique Dressers for $98, side tables for $30, $40 and $50. I think the white hutch on the left was $199.  

Can't find the right mirror? 
Just check out Denny's stash for tons of options at fantastic prices.

Sometimes the stuff out side is super cheap. I bought a really beat up wooden "throne" chair for $5 one time. I still need to refinish it. As you can see, there is are huge variety of styles and periods represented. And sometimes he has stuff hidden. If you are looking for something specific, find the man that looks like Santa Clause in overalls. That's Denny.

Just behind where I'm standing while taking this picture is what I call the Salvage Shed. I have no idea what it's real name it, but that's where most of the larger sized architectural salvage is for sale. Doors, mantles, windows, shutters, stuff like that.

I thought these molds were really cool en mass.

 Let's go find Dana and Kaisa, shall we? They are just to the left of Denny's barn, 
just past the Spring house, and down the gravel drive.

 At $10 each, those vintage metal shelves almost came home with me. Almost.

Sorry about this pic. I shot everything with my iPad and it totally doesn't do this store justice.
This is Emma Jean's General Store. They are a bit pricier than Denny's barn , but they always have the real deal. Their stuff is usually antique and it's always drool-worthy. I have seen carved wooden dressers in here than would just make you weak. And when they get farm tables, they are FARM tables. Old, weathered, made beautiful by use and abuse. And don't even get me started on the industrial tables that would be the best kitchen islands ever. If you have a little more cash and want something authentic, then Emma Jean's General Store is what you are looking for. Here is a link for way better pictures. The first two rows are their stuff.

Let's wander back up the road to the Spring House.

 They have all kinds of cool European style vintage items inside. Everything inside has a neutral feel, white, metal and natural wood tones with little hits of red, blue or black and the like.

I can't believe I didn't take a picture inside the house! Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking. Actually, I bet I was thinking something like, "Isn't this fun to look at all this cool stuff with my friends, instead of being home cleaning my house?"

The next building you come to is what I call the Main Barn. This is the building where Chartreuse & Co began. First you have to walk around this awesome outdoor fire place.

What you are looking at folks, is two stories of fantasy. 
It is such a lovely world inside these doors. 

See what I mean? Gorgeous vignettes every where you look. This one greets you as you walk through the door. Can you think of a better way to spend a Friday morning after a horrible week? Me neither.

To the left we have more gorgeousness. I love that this vendor is your first taste of Chartreuse. It is always pleasure to see what they've done for the season, yet no matter the changes, their merchandise always reminds me a genteel country house, like Monticello. There are just no worries in a room like this, only ease and comfort and whimsy.

Oh man, we were right here, and I forgot to tell Dana that half of her ironstone collection comes from this vendor. Whoops.

Upon contacting the owner and manager of Chartreuse, Virginia Crum, to verify vendors with pictures and get the names I was missing, I learned that this is her stall. Good thing I said such nice things, right? That would also explain why this booth embodies what I feel is the spirit of the whole complex. BTW she is lovely. I was panting noticeably when I talked to her, after bolting up the stairs from the basement to answer the phone and she made sure not to make me feel like the total nincompoop that I was coming across as. Bless her.

The next vendor you come to is Tuscany Designs. Kaisa fell in love with this bench. Sadly, at Chartreuse & Co., no price tag = sold to someone else, especially if it's furniture.

We're looking into getting one custom made for her.

Next up was Heather Grey Decor.

Dana was looking at that pillow pretty hard. It really IS perfect for her living room.

Heather Grey has some killer staging ideas. I love the over-sized spools of thread in the enamelware bowl. And If my vintage vendor has an old sink stand, consider it filled with soap for my show in Nov. Genius. Hope you don't mind Heather. You know what they say about imitation, flattery, etc.

And don't you love these bags? They are made from canvas and bits of leather and chopped up cargo bags, etc. I  thought they were the just coolest.

Just in case I have confused you by using all the vendor names, Chartreuse is the company that runs the farm and cashier's stands, etc. You bring your stuff to one main register, regardless of which vendor's stall you got it at. It's like a store that sells stuff from many different brand names. 

Across the way was a table filled with candles in shimmering silver containers. I had never heard of Capri Blue Candles before, but they were wonderful.  And once again, excellent staging ideas. You can bet with my own barn sale coming up, I was just soaking up ideas.

Speaking of ideas, don't you love this one?

With all the stuff I've done with books, I'm a little sad I didn't think of this first. But I love it. Great work, and snaps to the creative mind of Robin Spires of the Robin's Nest

The book letter display was near of another of my favorite vendors, Madison & Mabel

They are absolutely the go-to vendors for livable industrial style.

Another vendor I really like is the Kramer Angle. They are at the back of the the main floor and always have a really fresh taking on up-cycling.

 Like these awesome candlesticks made of balusters.

Or these neat table top shelving units/ display cases made from old windows. 
Here's a closer look:

Such a great idea, don't you think?

Their booth is gorgeous and full of all kinds of cool stuff. Kaisa almost bought a tall section of vintage royal blue gym lockers. Sadly, once we took measurements, they were too big for her space. 'Deep sigh'.

Chartreuse is just dripping with inspirational ideas. Things like this fantastically chippy door.

It makes me want to run right out and get my milk paint on. Can you imagine a finish like that in the background of a vintage style sign? Or on the doors of an old, boring armoire? Dreamy, baby!

In just a moment of disclaimer, I didn't cover all the stalls on the main floor. Not because they aren't amazing, but rather because I kept getting distracted by all the awesomeness. But don't think that you didn't miss anything. You totally did. Everything in this entire building is worth your time. You'll just have to go see it for yourself.

OK, time to go upstairs.

This gorgeous kitchen vignette farm table at Hunt and Harvest greets you at the top of the stairs, to the right. You can't tell me that there isn't a part of you that longs to have this be your kitchen. Even if ultra modern is more to your taste. Think of the Thanksgiving dinners you could have here!

The Cottage is next, on the left.

Lots of beautifully chalk painted pieces here. And such fun colors!

You know I was all over the bright turquoise top of this table. 

  The Cottage also had some fantastic pillows and accessories. Love the peacock ones. 
I need to get me something peacock this season. Iridescent teal makes me weak.

But this table was the real reason I have so many pictures of this stall. Kaisa was completely smitten. it is exactly what she was dreaming of. A pretty, sturdy, traditional farm table. She walked away from it this time, but I have no doubt she'll be back to take another look this month.

Which reminds me. Chartreuse & Co is not a regular store that's open daily like the Old Luckett's Store. It's only open on the 3rd weekend of the month, Friday, Saturday, Sun.  And they also have special events. And a couple of markets. It's a lot to keep track of so here's the link to the master schedule.

As we return to our tour, we come to the Treasured Hunt. I just LOVED their staging this month! 
Antlers and animal print? Such fun and so unexpected for fall! Well done.

As we move on, take a peek at a few more of the wonders you'll find here.
Can you believe this is all in the hay loft of a barn?

Squirrel Hill Decor is the mix master. Look how well the typography here blends with the mod lucite chairs and vintage photos? And check out those book shelves, ah hem, 
made of books. So. freaking. cool.

Here is Sally, Ry, & Lala's simple, pretty display. 
That white wardrobe in the back had serious mudroom closet appeal.

This gorgeous display is from another favorite of mine, Rubbish. 
Isn't that the greatest name for a vintage dealer and up cycler? People are so creative.

At the far end of the floor is Bella Villa. 

I stumbled upon this fantastic little shop in Aldie, VA on my 40th birthday. It was there that I started my love affair with the muted Belgian/French/Scandinavian colors applied to vintage pieces.

This is the shop in Aldie, VA, not the one at Chartreuse. That's a post for another day. 
But if you need a fun little day trip, find directions here, on the far right hand side of the options menu.

 The proprietor is this wonderful, spunky woman name Rosanna. Rosanna, if you are reading this, I am the crazy lady from all those Februaries ago who called her husband 4 times trying to send a photo to see if it was OK if I bought the sea foam green cabinet door, left the shop, and then came back like 10 minutes later after finally getting a hold of him and bought the door. Embarrassing, yes. But that's just how I roll, folks. I am usually a "It's easier to get forgiveness than permission" kind of girl, but since it was going in our bedroom, I felt it best to give DK some veto power. (Like he was going to say no. It was my 40th birthday.
Wow, major tangent there. Sorry. Back to our tour. 

Alright, once again, not all vendors are represented in my pics, and I'm really sorry about that. But they are represented in these pics. All 375 of them. Eye Candy, every one!

Back outside the main barn, there is yet another house to explore.
 The Garden House

Rusty and Crusty is the first stall you come to.

I tried so hard to sweet talk Justin, the proprietor, into doing my barn sale. I totally thought I had him, but once he really looked at his schedule, he had 4 other events the same month. Can you imagine the stock that would take? Well, Justin, I'm sad, but I hope you have a ton of success. And I will be asking you earlier next year.

In the next room was Hunt N' Gather. They had a cool swanky look.

The last room I had time to check out was run by the Foundry. Their emphasis was on vintage clothing, with some cool accessories thrown in for kicks.

Could you die over that giant stack of vintage suitcases? And the larger than life harlequin poster on the wall? The space was just striking. Like being in Holly Golightly's dressing room. 

The Foundry also has a store in in downtown Washington DC. You can get more info about it here. The last time I checked their site, they had a dresser with horizontal navy and white stripes that just knocked my socks off. I think I pinned it in hopes that if I somehow preserved the vision, the space and money for it would appear magically in my house. Isn't that the primary purpose of Pinterest? Massive wishful thinking?

So friends, with that awesome stack of suitcases, my little tour is over. I hope you are now frothing at the mouth to head to Maryland. Because I have a little secret for you. 

Chartreuse & Co is open THIS weekend, 
but only on Saturday Oct 5, 10-5, 
for their Halloween Crawl. 

You should go!!! It will be so fun! 

Alas, I am hemmed in by soccer games on all sides. I'll have to wait until Oct 18 -20 to get my fix. Enjoy it for me, OK? And let me know what you bought.

OH! I almost forgot! 
Remember that pillow Dana was pining for?

Well I just couldn't stand her not having it. So I bought it for her. 
You know. For her birthday, 
In December.

This was what she got for herself.

So now you know how old she's going to be. Hee hee!

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