Sunday, November 17, 2013

Prettier Pictures of a Very Good Show

Well, we did it. And it was such a good time. The Branches 3rd Annual Artisanal Barn Sale was a raging success! Thank you so much to all the lovely people who trucked all the way out to Gainesville and shopped at our barn. My artists and I are truly indebted to you. And thanks to all of you who sent prayers and good will our way. It was warmly felt and appreciated.

OK, since I am not feeling particularly coherent right now, I will just post the pictures for all you lovely people to see. But before I check out, I should mention that I will be posting again this afternoon. Twice in one day? I know. You're completely shocked. But I have something really cool brewing. I am "Day 3" of a week long blog walk, with 7 other bloggers. It's called "A Wonderful Week of Christmas" and each day this week, one of us has some spectacular holiday idea to share. I'll give you a hint. My idea involves pallet wood. And paint. no surprise there, right? But it's a secret, so you'll have to tune in later this afternoon to find out what it is. And be sure to check back every day this week to link to that day's idea link. And just as a reminder, my post will go live Wednesday. And there's a giveaway that yours truly might have a little something to do with, so enter lots and cross your fingers.

Where were we? Oh yes, pictures. Here you go:


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