Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pallet Sign Winner and Not Quite Christmas

I think I must be the last blogger on the planet to not have Christmas lights twinkling everywhere. The truth is, I'm just not ready yet. These things can't be rushed, you know. For me, Christmas decorating is a ritual. And if I don't do it when I'm in the right place, the ritual doesn't work. The last few years, I have just let my kids do everything, because I was too tired after the barn sale to make it happen. They loved it. I skipped over it. 

 Last year's photo. Here's the link if you don't want to wait for this year's pics.

This year, I have decided to decorate at my own pace. Hopefully I will be done by the end of this week. But I won't flog myself if I'm not. I don't think that's the intent of this Season of Giving. I have many things that need to be wrapped up before I move ahead full into Holiday Merriment. (Ha! wrapped up! Totally unintentional. Love it!)

The first of which is to announce the winner of 
the pallet wood sign.

It is pretty cute, isn't it? I love it when stuff turns out.

OK, The Winner is.........

Drum roll............

Ah... the suspense is killing me!

courtesy of Denise at Denise Designed.com

No really, The Winner is:

JannYvette from I Heart Purdy Things!


And the funny thing is, I know her! Sometimes the blogosphere is a totally small world. We met because she was miffed that my paint encrusted outfit beat out her paint encrusted shoes in the Miss Mustard Seed Ugliest Paint Clothes contest at Haven. But never fear! We went from rivals to buddies in about 2 seconds flat. Jann is the coolest. You should totally check out her blog here.

And JannYvette, it looks like all your hard work is paying off. The blog looks awesome and from your instagram feed, it looks like sales at the shop are going well too. Yay for you. The sign will ship ASAP with all the best wishes a girl in crusted painty clothes can wish another girl in crusted painty shoes. Congrats lady. May your stroke of luck continue to bigger and better things.

OK, the next thing I need to take care of is Thanksgiving oriented. I know this is totally after the fact, but it was so fun, I decided to share anyway.

We had a contest to see who could make the best turkey out of Oreos and other candy-like foods. It was hilarious! We did it Thanksgiving Eve, but it would be an awesome activity to keep little hands, or big hands, busy before the Big Meal. Or even after, while the adults are all lying on the floor, digesting.

The premise was simple. Make a turkey using Oreos as the base. Whoever made the best turkey got all the glory. Whoever made the worst one had to do the Thanksgiving dishes. Excellent plan!

Here were the "process" pictures of everyone feverishly creating:

The 6 yr old decided that her turkey needed a car and a house too. 
Apparently it was pardoned, so it could enjoy such lavish prizes.

As you can see, there were a large variety of materials used. All edible.

OK, enough himming and hawing. 

Bring on the turkeys!

Entry 1 - My fruit roll-up phenomenon

Entry 2 - Adopted College Student's turkey

Entry 3- Space alien turkey by Science Geek 14 yr old

Entry 4- Heavily accessorized Turkey with car and house by 6 yr old

Entry 5- Star studded, beakless turkey by DK

Entry 6 - Amazing turkey by 10 yr old, who came up with the idea in the first place.

So which is your favorite?

I like entry 6. 

We sent the pictures out to many family members and friends for unbiased blind judging. But the responses were all over the place. 

And DK just did the dishes later. Isn't he such a keeper?

See you guys soon. Maybe I'll find Christmas by then.
CM Shaw

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